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Villa Vanilla - a place for peaceful relaxation!

Since the end of 2017, we have been serving tourists who have come to enjoy the beauty of Sigulda, local vacationers, those who enjoy the scent of autumn leaves and flowers, boaters, athletes, because Sigulda inspires and offers a wide range of sports activities, starting from ski tracks, active and peaceful walking paths , bicycle routes, camps and tournaments organized by the sports complex and finally our bobsleigh and toboggan track activities.

Villa Vanilla is located in the quiet center of the city, offering you to enjoy relaxation in modern style rooms. The hotel has high standards of cleanliness, ensuring a sense of freshness and order all around. The rooms are equipped with everything you need and you can get hygiene kits at the reception in case you forget something. The hotel complex has 6 larger family rooms, 3 rooms with a balcony and 12 standard double rooms.

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Hotel Villa Vanilla is run by a family whose roots can be found in the Sigulda area since 1864.

Jānis Kļaviņš was born in Sigulda in 1864, his father worked as a blacksmith for Prince Līven. Three of the six children helped the father make the canes. The family has been living in Sigulda since 1925. Of the six children of the Kļaviņi family, three – Pēteris, Otīlija and Lidija – helped their father make the canes. Sticks are sold along with sweets in the lower part of Gauja near the road to the transfer station – in a kiosk that the family rented from the municipality. Later there was also a kiosk in the city. Father participated in performances with canes. Son Pēteris learned to make unique, turned cane ends. Maple canes were decorated with carved figures of animals. Jānis Kļaviņš is known as the “king of canes” of Sigulda, he made a special cane with an inscription for President Kārlis Ulmanis as well. Klāviņi stopped making canes around 1934. There have been difficulties with the procurement of materials, and the strong competition of the Turaids and Krimuldis has also hindered.

These historical notes are from the family archive of the owner of the Hotel Villa Vanilla. Grandmother Lidija Kļaviņa was a great helper to her father in the creation of canes and with her stories inspired her granddaughter to be proud of the national cultural heritage created by her ancestors from childhood.

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The Villa Vanilla logo is designed with five Wands in the middle, which means 2 adults and 3 children or 2 girls and 3 boys, symbolizing the core of our family and the family's historical heritage.

The idea of ​​the hotel came about completely by accident, driving past an abandoned, unfinished building, in such a beautiful place, next to the Spieķīšu Park, it didn’t even occur to me that one day we would manage here. However, one late November evening, when you see the ad, you will begin to wonder what if. How about hosting tourists in Sigulda by creating a small hotel next to Spieķi Park. It was a Wednesday night, sitting by the lit fireplace with a glass of wine in hand, when the ideas started pouring in like an avalanche, and a meeting with the seller of the property was already arranged for Thursday morning. Upon entering the abandoned house, my husband and I realized one thing, this is our place. Even if it’s not a hotel, we’ll clean this place up and call it our own. One year later, on November 1, 2017, the first photos were taken and the hotel was placed for booking on the Booking.com website, and on December 30 of the same year, we received the first guests. The very first guests were from Lithuania, who came to enjoy the beautiful winter and welcome the New Year 2018.

I am often asked why the name Villa Vanilla. The name is one that is easy to pronounce and understand anywhere in the world. It creates a warm, cozy vanilla-scented mood, a scent that reminds you of a place you want to return to.

villa vanilla viesnīca

We welcome guests with pleasure, we love to talk and get to know people from all over the world! See you in the welcoming rooms of Villa Vanilla!

Karīna, Sandijs, Elizabete, Rihards un Gustavs.