Twin room with balcony

These rooms are located in the first and the second floor of our hotel. Room area is 20m2 and feature balcony, equipped with outdoor furniture set. These rooms can accomodate up to 2 guests.

Price €75*

*room price may change depending on season and availability

Reception opening hours:

*Early and late check-in is possible by contacting the hotel administration in advance.

Room amenities:


Terms and Conditions

Reception opening hours: 8:00-12:00 ; 14:00-21:00

  • Check in from 15:00 to 21:00
  • It is possible to “self-check-in” past 21:00, with prior agreement with hotel administration.
  • For reservations that are not paid in advance, guests should advise the hotel administration if planned time of arrival is later than 20:00.
  • Otherwise we hold the right to cancel the reservations.
  • Check out by 12:00
    Early check in available from 13:00 with prior agreement with hotel administration. Early check in fee – 20,00Eur
  • Late check out availabble till 15:00 with prior agreement with hotel administration. Late check out fee – 20,00Eur

Check in

  • At check in, guests should be able to provide a valid ID (Passport, ID card,
    drivers license).
  • Reservation can be guaranteed by prepayment.
  • Payment shall be made 24h before the reservation o rat check-in.
  • Reservation can be cancelled 48h in advance free of charge. For cancellation made less than 48h in advance, or in case of no show, no show fee can be applied.
  • At chek in, guest will be given a room key and an electronic key for the hotel entry. It is forbidden to pass any of the keys to third parties.
  • Guests are responsible for the room key and the electronic hotel entry key. In case of a lost key, a fee of 5,00 EUR will be applied for loosing any of the keys.

Video surveillance

  • Video surveilance system is operation in the public indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel, including parking. The aim is to ensure a safe environment for our guests and staff, as well as to protect property of our hotel and guests.

Extra beds

  • Extra beds are available
  • Children beds shall be ordered in advance and are available free of charge.
  • For children up to 6 years old, stay is free of charge.
  • Extra bed for children aged 6-17 years is avalable for a price of 20,00 Eur per night with breakfast included.
  • Extra bed for adults from 18 years of age is available for a price of 20,00Eur per night, breakfast not included.

Luggage storage

  • Luggage storage is available for our guests before check-in, as well as after check-out until the same days 21:00. Hotel administration shall be contacted beforehand.


  • Cash- EUR;
  • Credit or debet cards (VISA, Maestro, MasterCard);
  • Bank transfer
  • Gift card or coupon;


  • Free parking, with 24/7 video surveilance, is available in the hotel territory.
  • No need to reservere parking beforehand.


  • In selected room it is allowed to stay with pets. Hotel administration shall be contacted in advance for availability.
  • Pet fee – 10 EUR per night.
  • For guests with allergies, we offer rooms in which we guarantee that no pets have stayed, this option should be agreed with the hotel administration in advance.


  • It is prohibited to smoke in any of the rooms or indoor areas of our hotel.
  • Fine for smoking inside the hotel is 200Eur per person.
  • In the hotel territory it is allowed to smoke at specially designated areas
  • Smoking is prohibited within 10 meters of the enterance.
  • Smoking is proibited on the shared terrace.


  • Daily cleaning is provided, if guests are staying for a longer period of time, deep cleaning with change of laundry and linen will be provided every third day or as requested.


  • We offer laundry service for a price of 8,00Eur. For availability hotel reception shall be contacted.

Hotel rules

  • Hotel administration have the right to refuse a guest who is intoxicated. Refund will not be made.
  • It is strictly prohibited to damage the room or any property of the hotel. If you notice any damage, hotel administration shall be notified immediately. Guest shall pay for any damages they have caused.
  • It is prohibited to light candles or bring any flammable items or substances into the room.
  • If the hotel is not able to provide a room after confirming reservation, hotel shall find accomodation at another hotel with as similar conditions as possible. Hotel is responsible to notify the guest about the hotel change.
  • The hotel does not take responsibility for guests belongings.
  • It is prohibited to listen to loud music or exhibit any unruly behavior within the hotel territory. Hotel has quiet hours from 23:00 till 7:00.
  • It is allowed for guests to use outside tables until 23:00. Hotel has quiet hours from 23:00 till 7:00.
  • If a guest refuses to observe hotels terms and conditions, hotel will terminate terminate the booking, and the guest will be removed from the hotel territory by security. Refund will not be made.

Let's respect each other so that everyone can have a peaceful rest together!

Best regards,
Hotel Villa Vanilla administration